1100 containers per year 1100 containers per year
1100 containers per year 60 different export countries
1100 containers per year 15000 square meter warehouse


A plant from the palm family, each tendril can grow up to 200 meter in length. It’s solid all the way through, making it one of nature’s strongest materials. It grows very quickly and is harvested without harming the tree. It grows back once harvested, so an A for sustainability!

A very fast growing plant. Certain species can grow 90cm in 24 hours. Did you know that bamboo has a higher compressive strength than wood, brick or concrete? We use the splitted bamboo for several decoration items and lampshades.

The teak we use for our furniture is recycled teak. The wood is from old buildings and old wooden houses in Indonesia. The locals receive, besides work to produce wooden furniture, bricks to build new, stronger brick houses.  This recycled teak gives an extra dimension to a new piece of furniture, and it’s beautiful of course to give this wood a second life, instead of using it as firewood.

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